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Sajaj application is a recognized mobile application for iraqi school students, mainly the 6th class students, which provides a free tools for the students to access and mange materials for studying.

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Get ready to study!

Brace yourself for an immersive and productive learning journey, equipping yourself with the mindset and tools necessary to excel in your educational pursuits.

Everything is free forever

Access an abundant array of educational resources without any cost constraints, empowering continuous learning and knowledge exploration.

Watch lessons

Engage with comprehensive video lessons that cater to various subjects and interests, fostering an interactive and visual learning experience.

solve quizes

Enhance your understanding through interactive quizzes that challenge your comprehension and reinforce key concepts in an engaging manner.

prepare for exams

Utilize meticulously curated study materials designed to assist in effective exam preparation, ensuring a thorough grasp of relevant topics.

well arranged materials

Benefit from a well-organized repository of learning materials, enabling easy navigation and efficient access to the information you seek.

get to know the deletions

Gain insights into removed content or historical context, broadening your understanding by delving into previously excluded information.


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